Club Committee (Junta)

Our club is managed by a Junta Directiva, or management committee.

Susy Gomez



Asunción Gomez Garcia, better known as Susy to her friends, is married to John O’Brien. As the Club’s honorary secretary, it is her responsibility to maintain the Libro de Actos and record the minutes of all Junta meetings. She is also charged with the tasks of liaising with the Valencia Golf Federation and presenting documents on behalf of the Club. She is a primary school teacher and author, with two books published quite recently. She also comperes a TV and radio programme on Radio San Miguel and Vega Fibra TV.

Camillus Fitzpatrick

Vice-President and Competitions


Camillus was present at the initial meeting which formulated the Celts Club de Golf in 2011. Along with John O’Brien, Denis McCormack and Susy Gomez, he became a member of the first Junta Directiva. He was given the role of President of the Competitions Committee, and had the honour of being the first Captain, serving the remaining part of 2011 and then the first full year, 2012. He became Captain again (jointly with Denis McCormack) for the cLub’s 10th anniversary year.

Denis McCormack

Vice-President and Treasurer


As treasurer, Denis keeps track of and records all income and expenditure, presenting an annual report for approval by the Club membership, and regular reports to the Junta, of which he is a member. He also manages the Club website, adding each of the events for which members can book, and making sure the site is kept up to date. He is on the sub-committee of the Valencia Golf Federation which runs the International League, arranging venues, collecting fees, and making payments to the clubs where matches are played.

John O’Brien


John has been President of the Club since its inception. He chairs the meetings of the Junta Directiva and the residents’s committee of the Valencia Golf Federation. Before coming to Spain he worked for RTE, the BBC and Channel 4 as part of a TV crew. As a mature student, he graduated in Sociology from Trinity College, Dublin. When not paying golf, he runs his Academy in San Miguel, which offers students the chance to acquire the qualifications necessary to go on to university.