Booking Tee Times and Booking Buggies

At La Serena

Members are entitled to reduced rate buggies at La Serena: cost €20 per round to our members. As these are very generous rates, a booked buggy, if not used on the day must be paid for, unless cancelled two days in advance. Members’ personal buggies and equipment should be insured by the owner as federation insurance covers personal injury only on the golf course.

Booking of tee times

There has been change to the rules in relation to booked tee times.

Members may now only make three bookings between Monday and Sunday  inclusive on our site.  They can play at other times as well , outside of our booked tee times, during these weekdays. This is to give every member a chance to get a game or two or even three within the organised roll ups, but no more.  Members found booking more than three events during the same week will be removed from all bookings for that week. Members who book for a Saturday game cannot book for Sunday as its usually the same competition.  Members found doing this will be  removed from both bookings. If there are spaces after the start sheet is published for Sunday, a member may play a casual round on Sunday having played in the competition on Saturday.

Members are not allowed to book both the early and late groups for the same day and those doing so will be removed from both bookings. During high season , if our allotted tee times are not filled, members may find themselves in a slot with non celts players. This will usually be our last tee time on the day.

Members can book their tee times by tapping or clicking on the button Book a Game on your dashboard. Your name will appear as booked for that date. Bookings for all events close 4 days before the event.

Members should give the organiser as much notice as possible if withdrawing from an event. This allows the organiser to promote those on the waiting list in good time.

Members who book a tee time and then withdraw  within 48 hours of the event must pay a fine of €5, if they notify the organiser  by phone call in advance of the game. This is because the organiser will have to pay your €3 to La Serena as he will have notified the club 48 in advance of his numbers for that day and will already have included your €2 roll up fee in the team prizes for that day. A member who, having booked, does not show up before the last tee time for that event, without giving the organiser notice, will be barred from booked times for two weeks, and must also pay the fine of €5. Continuous no shows will result in that member being suspended from the club and may ultimately have his membership terminated. Where a member withdraws three times over a short period, within the 48 hour period from events, he/she will be also be barred from bookings for two weeks. If a member books a guest who withdraws within the 48 hours, the member must pay his €5 green fee. If a members guest is a No Show, that member must pay the guest green fee of  €35 and the member will be excluded from booking a  guest for 1 month.

Waiting List

Remember also that if you book as a reserve, you may be promoted to the start sheet if a spot becomes vacant and the onus is on you to check whether you are promoted to the start sheet or not. We can usually get extra tee times when extra members have booked. The same rules apply to the reserve list as the booking list in that if you are not available for the date booked you must notify the organiser. This is to avoid the organiser going through the list when a vacancy occurs.( A fine and or a ban applies as above.)


Guests can be booked (up to a max of 3) by tapping or clicking on Book for your Guest, and entering each guest’s name. Guests who are booked will appear on the booking list and will be seen by the organiser. Bookings close 4 days before the event. Spaces may not be available for the date you are looking for, for your guest.

You can always book a separate tee time outside of the Celts times to play with your guest.