Local Rules – La Serena

Throughout the Course – Abnormal ground conditions – a player may drop outside this condition not nearer the hole.If on closely mown area the ball may then be placed within a card lenght not nearer the hole. Bunkers are in play and the ball may be played as it lies or alternatively the bunker raked and the ball placed within one club lenght not nearer the hole. It is forbidden to drive buggies on the 6th. or 7th. fairways. On the 6th. hole players should drop to  the side nearest if in the large abnormal conditions and then place your ball not nearer the hole. On the 7th. players can play from the area that are not roped off and the same rule,  as throughout the course, applies to the abnormal conditions which are roped off. On the 7th. it is also possible to come backwards to the fairway if in roped off areas.