Division 2 Fixtures and Results

Please note: the El Saler matches will now take place before the El Bosque matches.
February 19th, Alenda Golf
Eclectic Amigos 1 Las Naranjas 3
Expats 3 Balls of Fire 1
Sunseekers 3 Eurotoffs Eagles 1
March 12th, La Marquesa
Eclectic Amigos 3 Eurotoffs Eagles 1
Balls of Fire 2 Sunseekers 2
Las Naranjas 2 Expats 2
April 9th, Alicante Golf
Eclectic Amigos 1.5 Balls of Fire 2.5
Las Naranjas 2.5 Eurotoffs Eagles 1.5
Expats 2 Sunseekers 2
April 30th, El Plantio
Eclectic Amigos 2.5 Expats 1.5
Sunseekers 2 Las Naranjas 2
Eurotoffs Eagles 1 Balls of Fire 3
May 28th, Bonalba
Eclectic Amigos 2 Sunseekers 2
Eurotoffs Eagles 1 Expats 3
Balls of Fire 1 Las Naranjas 3
July 2nd, Las Colinas
Las Naranjas 3 Eclectic Amigos 1
Balls of Fire 0.5 Expats 3.5
Eurotoffs Eagles 2.5 Sunseekers 1.5
August 27th, Font de Llop
Balls of Fire Eclectic Amigos
Eurotoffs Eagles Las Naranjas
Sunseekers Expats
September 29th, El Bosque
Eurotoffs Eagles Eclectic Amigos
Sunseekers Balls of Fire
Expats Las Naranjas
September 28th, El Saler
Expats Eclectic Amigos
Las Naranjas Sunseekers
Balls of Fire Eurotoffs Eagles
October 22nd, Vistabella - Final
Sunseekers Eclectic Amigos
Expats Eurotoffs Eagles
Las Naranjas Balls of Fire