League Rules

The International league 2022

Rules and conditions

Federated players only Valencian.

4 Fourballs Better ball matchplay

There is no limit to number of players on a panel, but a panel of at least 8 players must be submitted when entering. Players can be added up to and including the third last game.


All players’ handicaps have to be declared at the beginning of the league and these are the handicaps that will endure for the tournament. Lowest handicap, either society or federation. Game of honour and each captain is responsible for the declaring the correct handicap. Breach of rule: loss of match and points.

As most society golfers cannot avail of the opportunity of having their handicap adjusted, we will accept their society handicap without applying the adjustment formula, if this is a true reflection of their playing ability. (The formula requires that the handicap is multiplied by approximately .85 or .88 to create a Spanish handicap

Consequently, we will not apply the slope on any course to federated handicaps, as federated players normally have their handicaps adjusted according to the difficulty of the course. Therefore handicaps will be the lowest declared handicap, no slope applied and 90% of the difference. The lowest handicapped player plays off scratch and the other players receive 90% of the difference with a maximum of one shot per hole. Division 1 Maximum combined handicap 24. Reductions to reach 24, the highest handicap has 60% reduction and the lower a 40% reduction.

We also run the President’s Trophy in order to provide the opportunity for handicap adjustments throughout the year.

For Div 2 and 3 there is a maximum of 1 shot per hole that a player can receive.

Match Day

On Match day, you nominate 4 pairs, plus two substitutes. You may substitute a player up to 24 hours beforehand or on match day for extraordinary conditions, by notifying the tournament director. A straight swap player for player with no changing of pairs or order. The Captain selects the team order, not lowest handicap.

Registration and payment of entry fee on or before lunchtime Friday of the week preceding the game.


Payment should be made on the Friday, 8 days before the match, and must reach the Celts bank account on or before noon on the Monday before each match, and we pay the green fee for all teams entered on the day to the individual course. The fee is now €260 per team. As it can take up to 5 working days for a payment to reach an account, can you please make sure your payment is made in good time.

The initial €100 deposit is refundable provided all fixtures, including the President’s Cup matches, are fulfilled.


In all correspondence you need to clearly identify your team name, pairs and handicaps from the initial sheet you used to register your players for the first time that the player played. Licence numbers will also be needed. It has come to light that some players have transferred their licence to the federation without handicap. There are two licence types, one with handicap and one without. Please make sure you have a federated handicap. I can usually resolve within 24 hours with the correct form completed. Please use the correct team sheet, already sent to each captain, to submit your team in a NEW email each time. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR TEAM BY REPLYING TO AN EMAIL. Clearly indicate the team name and venue. Send only ONE team sheet. If in the event you have to substitute a player, send an email with these details only: replacement player name, federation number and the name being replaced. Once a team is submitted the order cannot be changed.

Scoring System

Points awarded: 2 for a win and 1 for a draw.

Tee times rotation system as last year.

The 3 Divisions

Reduction to meet the handicap as suggested at the meeting the higher handicap will lose 60% of their handicap and the lower 40% until they reach the combined maximum. It really is in the best interest of each team to make sure pairs are within the limit. The sooner we get the teams registered the sooner we can formulate the divisions. The divisions will be based on the 8 names submitted and teams’ total handicap.

Speed of Play

Slow play 4 hours and 50 minutes maximum. At start of play each match puts the start time on their card. Approximately, 1.35 for 6 holes, 2.25 for 9, 3.10 for 12 failure to complete your round in 4.50 both teams lose this game. If you have finished your match and as a courtesy to those playing behind you may leave the course and return your card to the referee. Players should police this themselves, that is if it is obvious that a player or match are particularly slow then it is up to the opponents or the match behind to request a speeding up of play or report the slow play to the referee.

Play Off

(Play-off only for Champions of Division 1 and 2)

The Captain may nominate their pair for the play-off which is over a minimum of 3 holes, but may continue until one pair attains one up.

Contact details

Can you send an email that identifies who you are clearly, and please confirm your team and name in all correspondence.

Bank Details

Bank Details for €100 refundable deposit (refundable if all fixtures are fulfilled ), and all event green fees of €260, are available by emailing Denis at celtsden@gmail.com.