Two’s Club – Later Group Tuesdays and Thursdays

the money in the two’s club has now been won by numerous members, the pot starts again from Tuesday ( date changes when pot is claimed ).
Contact Jim Hayes if you want to enter. Fee €10. Prize €5 for a two and €20 for a hole in one.
Email has been sent to all members detailing the rules and the winners of the last pot.

Over the last year, we have had four plus hole in ones on the Tuesday and Thursday roll-ups organised by Denis and Logan. To help future hole in one achievers pay for the drinks at the bar, we are starting a “hole in one” pot.
This will be opened to anybody who is playing in the Tuesday or Thursday roll-ups organised by Denis and Logan and you can join anytime.. You do not have to be in the 2s club as this is completely separate. No matter what game you are playing in the Tuesday Thursday roll up, if you get a hole in one you will collect what is in the pot, or equally shared if more than one winner on the day.
To enter the hole in one pot, you need to pay a one-off €2 until the pot is won. And like the 2s pot, it will then start all over again. I will start collecting the €2 this Thursday 31st January 2019. It is still not won by january 5th. 2020.
Please remember, this is ONLY for the TUESDAY AND THURSDAY roll-ups. Organised by Denis and Logan. Not any other days you are playing golf at La Serena.
If you have a Hole In One in any federated competition run by The Celts at La Serena, your bar bill will be paid up to €100 on the day by The Celts Club de Golf.

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