Div 2 Fixtures

Div 2 Fixtures
Dates and Venues for International League 2022 – Registration of Teams is closed.

Dates and Venues for International League 2022

The following venues and dates are dependent on restrictions around Covid-19.They may change, so keep up to date by visiting Div 2 fixtures.

Division 2

February 19th. Alenda Golf
Eclectic Amigos v Las Naranjas
Expats v Balls of Fire
Sunseekers v Eurotoffs Eagles

March 12th. La Marquesa
Eclectic Amigos v Eurotoffs Eagles
Balls of Fire v Sunseekers
Las Naranjas v Expats

April 9th. Alicante Golf
Eclectic Amigos v Balls of Fire
Las Naranjas v Eurotoffs Eagles
Expats v Sunseekers

April 30th. El Plantio
Eclectic Amigos v Expats
Sunseekers v Las Naranjas
Eurotoffs Eagles v Balls of Fire

May 28th. Bonalba
Eclectic Amigos v Sunseekers
Eurotoffs Eagles v Expats
Balls of Fire v Las Naranjas

July 2nd. Las Colinas
Las Naranjas v Eclectic Amigos
Balls of Fire v Expats
Eurotoffs Eagles v Sunseekers

August 27th. Font de Llop
Balls Of Fire v Eclectic Amigos
Eurotoffs Eagles v Las Naranjas
Sunseekers v Expats

September 29th. El Bosque
Eurotoffs Eagles v Eclectic Amigos
Sunseekers v Balls of Fire
Expats v Las Naranjas

September 30th. El Saler
Expats v Eclectic Amigos
Las Naranjas v Sunseekers
Balls of Fire v Eurotoffs Eagles

October 22nd. Vistabella – Final and Presentation
Sunseekers v Eclectic Amigos
Expats v Eurotpffs Eagles
Las Naranjas v Balls of Fire

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